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Nude Male Sculptures

In the tradition of Greece and Rome and the Renaissance, and echoing the work of classicists like Frederic Lord Leighton in Great Britain and modernists like Auguste Rodin in France, the collection brings together bronzes, porcelains and other sculptures that feature the male nude.

  • Some reflect the Beaux Arts tradition, such as the Drummond bas relief plaque showing an idealized nude artist and model by Attilio Piccirilli
  • Some show the influence of Art Deco, such a nude man walking two lions by A. Ouline
  • Most reflect the idealization of the male figure, such as Ferdinand Lugerth's Stonelifter in bronze, showing a nude youth at work
  • Some of America's finest sculptors depicted nude males in bronze medals and plaques, including Walker Hancock, Donald De Lue, Tait McKenzie, John Flanagan, Rene Chambellan and Adolph Weinman.

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